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From caves to skyscrapers – the history of real estate has seen sea changes over the ages. Shelters which once protected us from the uncertainties and wraths of nature have taken us away from the benevolences of Mother Nature. Considerably. But this transformation has taken its toll. Today’s concrete jungles have sucked life out of living.

And this is what all of us at TIPL are committed to change! At TIPL, we are committed to bring solutions for good living within the reach of our discerning patrons. And that’s why, for the first time in the history of real estate, we proudly introduce Wellness EstateTM - the future of real estate!

Wellness EstateTM guarantees a luxurious living in the lap of Mother Nature. At every project conforming to Wellness EstateTM cherish a life that is encompassed by pristine nature; that is devoid of all forms of pollution.

Wellness EstateTM contemporises ‘Vaastu’ – the ancient Indian science of construction with adequate state-of-the-art technologies to redefine the role of the built environment on our holistic health. In other words, Wellness EstateTM guarantees habitats those are living breathing organisms built around the specific need of its dwellers, i.e. you!

At the world’s first Wellness EstateTM project ‘Essence of Nature’, located at Micholi, the youngest hill station in Uttarakhand, midway Jim Corbett National Park and Ranikhet, TIPL meticulously studied the impact and importance of ‘Vaastu’ in cognisance with the all-encompassing natural surroundings – in this case the mighty Himalayas. The result of this in-depth study is a habitat that harmoniously blends the fundamental elements of: Air, Water, Earth and Light with our requirements of Fitness, Comfort and Peace of Mind.

To attain this complex harmony at Wellness EstateTM we have even devised our own fundamentals of architecture. The overarching architectural principles guiding the development of Wellness EstateTM is dWELLTM.

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The dWELLTM School of architecture is the culmination of years of research and innovation by TIPL’s dedicated team of architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, sustainability consultants, interior designers amongst others to develop and contemporise the fundamentals of ‘Vaastu’.

To understand the dWELLTM school of architecture we need to comprehend few fundamentals of Vaastu and also Atharva Veda, i.e. the fourth of the known Veda's.

PURUSHA The concept of Purusha is central to Indian cosmology and sociology. It denotes the Cosmic Person, the Unique One, as described in the Rig Vedic hymns Purusha-Sukta and embodies a unifying principle of form integrating the constituent parts to the whole.

PRAKRITI This beautiful Sanskrit term connoting Nature constitutes a set of self-originating, self-organising and self-sustaining forms. The transcendent order of Prakriti is that which nurtures nature.

THE TRANSCEDENT The Bhagawad Gita states that Earth, water, air, fire, ether, mind, intelligence, and egoism are the eight forms of Prakriti controlled by the Divine. Under His direct supervision Prakriti produces the moving and unmoving creations.

The dWELLTM philosophy is seminal in planning and development of every Wellness EstateTM. Built upon the fundamentals of Vaastu Shastra, a part of the Atharva Veda, dWELLTM also accounts for the contemporary concerns of environment and ecology. In fact, it is an intrinsic part of the philosophy and its manifestation.

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