Invest in nature
Enjoy incredible returns
Indulge in luxury

What is the greatest gift money can buy?

At TIPL, we believe the answer to that to be unperturbed bliss.

Imagine investing your hard earned money into a plan which gives you assured returns with bank guarantees. Imagine your money guarantee income security for not just you but for generations to come. Imagine your money appreciating without the insecurities or volatilities of the market. Imagine your money earn you a piece of The Land of Gods.

TIPL offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to own cottages, floors or villas at Essence of Nature. Investment with TIPL guarantees you and your antecedents a holiday or vacation home amidst the pristine Himalayan locales of Micholi.

Enjoy your complimentary stay at your own vacation home and enjoy vacation home rentals on an ad hoc basis.
Also there are safe exit options in built into the plan to guarantee you complete peace of mind. Be there. Cherish the unmistakeable hospitality amidst nature’s bounty.

Well as we say at TIPL, our investors are definitely not investing on a piece of realty. They are investing in Wellness EstateTM amidst nature and that makes it the best property for sale.

Business plan by TIPL